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The File Manager

The File Manager makes it possible to import external files like images, PDF-documents and Flash movies. When you import files, the File Manager will copy them into the project, meaning that they will not be removed from their original location on your computer.

The File Manager will handle all files used by a Sitoo Web project. In difference to the pages in the content tree which maintains a logical structure usually corresponding to the contents of the websites menus, the File Manager maintains a physical structure which corresponds to how the files will be organized on the server.

Path to the File Manager in Sitoo Web

The path to the File Manager is "Tools" > "File Manager".
Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + F

Desired structure is created by adding folders and importing and moving files. The files can be eg. images, video, PDF, audio, scripts, CSS, HTML etc. If a file is moved, it's references on the website will be rewritten. This means that eg. organizing images can be done after they have been inserted on the site without them disappearing from the site.

The pages themselves are also handled by the File Manager. By default, they are placed in the "Website Root", but if preferred, they can be placed in other folders.

The File Manager in Sitoo Web

Section - Folders
The folder structure of the project is shown in the "Folders"-section. Folders can be added and removed using the buttons "Add folder..." and "Delete" below the folder structure. The folders are listed alphabetically. Observe that the folder name will be part of the link to the files placed in the folder, why they cannot contain uncommon characters, such as å, ä, ö or spaces.

The following folders, followed by primary content, are created by the program

Website Root : HTML-files

css : CSS-files

_swmp : The project's master pages

Section - Files
This section shows the files in the selected folder. To change the order of the files, use "drag-n-drop". Drop the file on top of the file before which you want to place it. Drop the file between two files to place it last in order.

Section - File Properties
The fields Filename, Title, Alternative text and Description can be edited. The last three apply only to image files.


You can edit images and textfiles directly in the File Manager. Right-click the file and select "Edit".

One way of password protecting pages is to place them in a folder which requires authentication (login). The authentication is handled by and administered on the webserver, but most webhosts provide this function. If you are unsure, contact your webhosts support.