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The Content Tree

The Content Tree shows a logical structure of all parts of the website and gives a clear overview of the website's structure.

The project is shown at the top, and under it the different pages. When a page in the tree is clicked, it will be shown in the workspace on the right where it can also be edited.

The Content Tree makes it possible to group the pages of the website together. It is often easier to, e.g., put all pages about the company in one substructure, the pages about products in another etc.

Also, the logical Content Tree is used to automatically create dynamic menus. By connecting the heading in the menu to the field "Menu:Name", the menu will be automatically updated when pages are added, removed and renamed in the Content Tree.

There are different kinds of nodes in the Content Tree:


The project represents the entire website and under it, all pages are listed. A click on the project will show the "Back Office" from where applications can be installed.


A page is a webpage and if selected, it will be displayed in the workspace where it can be viewed or edited. A page can have pages arranged under them the same way as a folder.


A folder is used as a page container. It is no page in itself but is used when grouping of pages is desired.

Add folder in Sitoo Web

The folder will automatically refer to the first subordinated page.


An alias is a shortcut to a page, an external site or a resource (such as a PDF-document or image).

Page Alias

A Page Alias is most often used with menus. A menu will automatically create a link to the page to which the alias is pointing.

Add Page Alias in Sitoo Web

First, select the page that your alias is going to show and then enter it's menu name.

Alias for an External Website

This kind of alias has several areas of use. One example is to create an alias to an external website and then use the alias instead of providing the external address every time a link is created to the external website in question. Also, menus use aliases which enables aliases to external sites to be part of the website's automatic menus.

Add Website Alias in Sitoo Web

Aliases for Resources

Resources, such as images, PDF-files etc can be referred to using a resource alias. This makes it easy to create menus with links to images or PDF-files.

Moving and Copying Pages in the Content Tree

It is easy to move and copy pages in the Content Tree. Read more about moving and copying items in the Content Tree.