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Sitoo Dynamics

Most webhosts include a database, which is a requirement to create a dynamic website. Instead of having to learn to work with databases manually, Sitoo Dynamics will help you with this.

To be able utilize the possibilities that the Application Store offers, such as the webshop, the product catalogue or the guestbook, you need a database to store and structure the information gathered or presented on the site.

Practically all webhost clients have access to a database, but very few use it. This is because, historically, programming skills have been needed to connect a database to a website.

Sitoo Dynamics will install a framework on the database that is part of your webhost account and will automatically build necessary tables and structures in the database. With Sitoo Dynamics, you do not have to learn database programming.

The only requirement is that you take time to install Sitoo Dynamics once. Follow our easy installation guide and make sure that you have access to the required information needed in the installation.

Sitoo Dynamics Overview

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