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Search function

You need two things to create a search function on your website.

A) Enable display of the results

1. Right-click the top-most node in the content-tree on the left, the one with the same name as the project, and select "Add page".

2. Name the page "Search Results".

3. Click the "Edit"-button.

4. Place the cursor where you want the search results to be shown.

5. Click "Object" > "Search" > "Search Result".

6. Click "Save Page".

7. Right-click the page "Search Results" in the content tree and uncheck "Included in menus".

You have now added a page to display the search results!

B) Add a search form object

1. One suggestion is to insert this into the Master Page. That way, it will be shown on all pages without having to be inserted more than once. If you wish to do that, select the top-most master page. Otherwise, select the page on which you want to insert the search form.

2. Click the "Edit"-button.

3. Place the cursor where you want the search form to be shown.

4. Select "Object" > "Search" > "Search Form".

5. You will now see a blue box on the website. Double-click it to see it's properties.

6. Nex to "Action", click "Set...".

7. Select the page "Search Results".

8. Click "OK" to close all open dialogues.

9. Save the page.

If you do not wish for a page to appear in the search results, right-click it in the content tree to the left and select "Properties". Then uncheck the box "Searchable" and click "OK". The page will then be excluded from any search performed on the website.