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Before you start, make sure that you have access to the following information from your webhost:

  • The website's address (ex: "")
  • The FTP-server address (ex: "")
  • The FTP username (ex: "")
  • The FTP password

The information above can usually be found in the delivery email from your webhost. If not, contact them for access to this information.

1. Click "Publish" > "Publish Settings".

Accessing the Publish Settings in Sitoo Web

2. Fill in the information for the FTP-server (the information you gathered earlier).

Publish Settings in Sitoo Web

3. Test the connection.

Publish Settings in Sitoo Web Verified

You can get one of the following error messages:

Failed to connect to the FTP-server

If the computer can successfully connect to the Internet, this means that the FTP-server address, the FTP username or the FTP password is incorrect, alternatively if there is an antivirus program blocking Sitoo Web from connecting to the Internet.

There is a mismatch between the website url and the ftp remote directory which needs to be resolved. Do you want the program to search for the remote directory?

Click "Yes". If you receive the message that the remote directory has been found, everything is in order and you can continue to step 3. If you receive the message that the remote directory could not be found, make sure that the website url is correctly spelled.

Failed to match website url with remote directory

Make sure that there are no spelling errors in the website url.

Sitoo Web has now saved this information. To publish in the future, just click the button "Publish" in the top-right corner to update the site online!

Publish, SEO and Application Store buttons in Sitoo Web