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Do this to insert a link to a downloadable file on your website (Excel, PDF, mp3 etc):

A) Import the file to the website's resources

  • Select "Tools" > "File Manager".

Menu - File manager

  • Select the folder in which you would like to place the files.
  • Click "Add files...".

Sitoo Web File Manager

  • Select the documents to import and click "Open".
  • Click "OK" on all open dialogues.
  • Go to the page or layout on which you would like to place the download link.
  • Click the "Edit"-button.
  • Place the cursor on the spot where you would like to place the download link and type the text that you would like the visitor to click to download the file.

If the visitor is to click an image, insert the image and right-click it. Then skip two steps in the instruction below.

  • Select the text.
  • Right-click the text and select "Insert" > "Link" > "Resource".

Insert link to resource by right-clicking

Link Properties

  • Click "Select".
  • Select the file that is to be downloadable.
  • Click "Select" at the bottom of the dialogue.
  • Click "OK" in the open dialogue window.
  • Save the page or layout.

Now, the visitor will be able to view or download the file by clicking the text or image that was selected.