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More on Live Edit

Content Editing through Live Edit

Live Edit - ButtonBy pressing the editing icon Live Edit enters the editing mode and a toolbar appears with a number of functions. See the list below.

If the window for editing is too small then you can easily make it higher by dragging vertically in the lower right corner.

Live Edit - Redigering

Tools to Live Edit:

  • Save
  • Cancel
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Style
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Remove Formatting
  • Bullets
  • Numbering
  • Insert Image
  • Link
  • Remove link
  • Insert special character
  • Open code editor (HTML)

Manage users of Live Edit

To edit which users should be authorized to use Live Edit, click on the "Settings" button in Sitoo Web 'Application Store ". The license for the Live Edit is tied to a user and a website. Several users of the Live Edit requires multiple licenses.
Live Edit - Properties

Then click on "Users" and edit and check the application Live Edit for the desired user. Finish by pressing "Save”.

Moving existing content to Live Edit

  1. Insert object Live Edit directly above or below the existing content.
  2. Save and publish the website.
  3. Go to edit of Live Edit on the website.
  4. Select and copy the text you want to move into the Live Edit area.
  5. Click the Live Edit box’s icon for editing. The area is now available for editing
  6. Paste the text you just cut out
  7. Save the Live Edit editing. The text will now appear twice on your website.
  8. Go to the corresponding page in Sitoo Web and delete the appropriate text.
  9. Publish

Please note!
Text that you place in a Live Edit area cannot be edited when you open up the project in Sitoo Web. The text in a Live Edit area is only available for editing via the "Application Store". The text is stored and presented through a database, which means that it requires Internet access.

Live Edit properties

There are several optional settings of the features in Live Edit. Open them by double-clicking the Live Edit object in Sitoo Web.

Live Edit - Dialogue

Tab: Area

Areatyp: By ticking "Shared" areas with the same "Area ID" can share the same content.

Area ID: If you want more than one Live Edit area on the same page but with different content, then the different areas need to have different ID numbers.

Styles available for editing: You can control which styles should be available in the specific Live Edit area. This way you can facilitate editing by assigning a minimum number of styles.

Tab: Settings

Size: By specifying a height of  the Live Edit area you limit the height and content that "spill over" will automatically receive a scroll bar. If the height is set to 0 (zero) the area will automatically adjust the height according to the content. This setting only applies to the current Live Edit area.

Lightbox: If the "Lightbox" is ticked then the images that are inserted in the Live Edit are will get  a Lightbox effect. Maximum width, maximum height and frame size for the Ligthbox-effect can be set. This setting only applies to the current Live Edit surface.

Tab: Design

By editing the styles for the Live Edit area you can create unique styles that can only be applied in the specific area.