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Install Sitoo Dynamics

To be able to install Sitoo Dynamics, the publishing settings must have been entered. Read about publishing.

Before you begin, make sure that you have access to the following information from your webhost:

  • Database server address (e.g.: "localhost")
  • Database name (e.g.: "sitoo_com")
  • Database username (e.g.: "sitoo_com_dba")
  • Database password

You can find this information in the delivery mail from your webhost. If not, contact them to receive the information. You can find the system requirements for the webhost here.

1. Open up your Sitoo Web project and click the "Application Store"-button at the top right of the screen.

2. Click an application of choice to install.

3. You will now see the dialogue "Install Sitoo Dynamics". Click "Next".

Sitoo Dynamics Step 1 Sitoo Dynamics Step 2 Sitoo Dynamics Step 3 Sitoo Dynamics Step 4

4. Enter the information for the database in accordance with the information you received from the webhost.

5. E-mail Server - first test the "Default" option. If this does not work, enter the SMTP-server that your webhost has supplied.

6. Login to Sitoo Dynamics - This creates a login for the admin, which means that you create information of your own. The username must be a valid e-mail address and will receive e-mails from the Sitoo Dynamics administration. By default, this information is saved in the project and you will not have to supply them again when connecting to Sitoo Dynamics or installing another service.

Sitoo Dynamics Step 5

Now, Sitoo Dynamics is installed and running and you can use all the services on your website!

If you receive any error message, make sure that all settings are correctly entered, If you do not find any error, it is possible that the webhost does not meet the system requirements. Contact the webhost for more information about this and contact our support if the problem is not solved.

See also Troubleshooting Sitoo Dynamics