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Insert Live Edit

Live Edit is application that allows editing of selected parts of the website directly in a browser.


  • Install Sitoo Dynamics
    Live Edit is an application of Sitoo Web and therefore it requires Sitoo Dynamics is installed. If you have not already installed Sitoo Dynamics, see this page »
  • Install the Live Edit application
    First, open your project in Sitoo Web and click on "Application Store". The icon for Live Edit appears in the margin on the right. To install the Live Edit in the current project, click "Install" below the Live Edit icon.

Insert Live Edit

  • Go to the document or the layout where you would like to insert Live Edit. Then open the document for editing and place your cursor at the location where you would like to have an area that’s editable through Live Edit.
  • Select "Insert"> "Object"> "Live Edit"> "Live Edit Area" from the toolbar.
    Live Edit Area
  • Save page
  • Publish - Required for this feature to become available.

Edit the content through Live Edit

Live Edit Application StoreYou can access the editing through Live Edit in two ways.

  • Option 1 - Click on the Live Edit icon in the "Application Store"
  • Option 2 - Go to a web browser and enter your website address followed by "/admin".
    For example

Sign in with a user who has permission to edit through Live Edit and then navigate to the page that you would like to edited.

Press the little icon up in the upper right corner. When you press the edit icon harbors Live Edit in Edit mode and you see a toolbar with a number of functions. The surface of the Live Edit editing is as below. Thus, it is the text inside the red box that is editable by Live Edit.
Live Edit Editing

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