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Google Maps

Make it easy for your customers to find your stores or offices. With Google Maps you can create an interactive map on your web page that shows the exact spot where your office or store is located.

Now it's easier then ever to add a map to your website. You don't even need to register any accounts or install any new tools.

  1. Go to the page where you would like to place the map.
  2. Click "Edit Page".
  3. Place the typing cursors in the spot where you wish the map to appear.
  4. Go to "Object" > "Google" > "Google Maps".
    Insert Google Maps
  5. A blue framed box called "Google Maps" will appear, double-click it.
  6. The properties window for the maps object will appear, type the address to the location you wish the map to show in the "Address"-field.
  7. Click "Ok" in the properties window and save the page
  8. Publish the website.

Note: Typing something in parentheses after the address in the field will add that as the name of the location. You can use this to show the name of the store or office.