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Google Analytics

Keep track of all the hits on your website and view the results in stylish graphs, diagrams and lists. With the free stats tracking system by Google Analytics you can get a detailed overview of the traffic on your site. The stats show you things like number of visitors, page loads, visit duration and lots more.

Note: The Google Analytics object is only available from version 2012.20.19 of Sitoo Web.

Note: To use Google Analytics you must first register an account on the Google Analytics website. You will receive a Google Analytics ID which you need to use the object in Sitoo Web.

The Google Analytics ID looks something like this: UA-xxxxxxxx-x

  1. Go to your main Master Page.
  2. Click "Edit Master Page".
  3. Place the typing cursor at the very bottom of window, underneath all the boxes and tables.
  4. Click "Object" > "Google" > "Google Analytics".
    Insert Google Analytics
  5. You will see a blue framed box called "Google Analytics", double-click on it.
  6. A properties window for Google Analytics will appear. In it, you will see a field called "Google Analytics account". Type or paste your ID into the field.
  7. Repeat step 1-6 for all your main parent master pages (sub-master pages will inherit from the parent master page).
  8. Publish the website.