Sitoo Web


CSS, XHTML and the Code View-mode

Sitoo Web is built around a rendering engine which dynamically builds pages. In other solutions (HTML-editors) every page is edited independently and code editing is made manually. In Sitoo Web the final page is contructed by building layouts, placing content areas, solving textual fields, replacing project colors with the final colors, images with image effects are created and menus and smart objects are rendered onto the page. Still, adding custom code and controlling the final result is easy.

Add custom code

Sitoo Web contains several ways of inserting custom code onto the pages. The code can be either server scripts or client scripts.

The Code Relayer

If you wish to add a few lines of code, the object Code Relayer is used. The Code Relayer is an object you place on the page. Where the Code Relayer has been placed, the code will be inserted. Code can also be added to the <head>-section of the page or in the body::onload-event and the body::onunload-event. The Code Relayer is often the easiest way to insert code on the page. If code is required in several places on the page, several Code Relayers can be used. The most common code to insert is eg. a server generated table or streaming media.

If the Code Relayer is placed in a layout, the code will be inserted on all pages using that layout. This can be convenient when placing code for statistics like Google Analytics.