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The counter is used to show how many times your website has been displayed. You can choose by either showing how many times it has been displayed in total, or how many individual visitors have loaded the site (in this case the counter will not be updated when the same visitor visits the website again, or when switching between different pages). Note that Sitoo Dynamics needs to be installed in order to be able to use the counter.

Insert a counter on your website:

1. Edit the master page in which you want to add the counter. You can also place the counter directly on a page; however we recommend that you place it in a master page. Consequently the counter will then be displayed on every page that uses that specific master page.

2. Right-click where you would like to place the counter and go to "Insert" > "Object" > "Counter" > "Counter".

Counter - Insert the counter

3. You will now see a blue box with the text "Counter" written in the lower right corner. You have now successfully inserted a counter which will be displayed on your website. To choose whether you want the counter to show the amount of displays or amount of individual visitors, simply double click on the blue counter frame and change the setting "Session Counter".

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