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Code Relayer

The Code Relayer is constructed to make it simple to insert custom code, e.g. code for YouTube clips, statistics services such as Google Analytics and more.

Inserting code using the Code Relayer

1. Make sure that you have the code you want to insert available.

2. Select the page or layout on which you would like to insert the code (if the code is to be inserted on several pages, editing the master page those pages use would be appropriate).

3. Click the "Edit"-button.

4. Place the cursor where you would like to see the result of the code.

5. Select "Object" > "Miscellaneous" > "Code Relayer".

Insert Code Relayer in Sitoo Web

6. You will now see a blue box. Double-click it to see it's properties.

Code Relayer Properties

7. Click the magnifier in the field you wish to insert the code in. If you are unsure, see below.

8. Paste the code.

9. Click "OK" on both open dialogues.

10. Save the (master) page.

The code has now been added.

Guidlines for the code fields

  • If the code is to be visible on the site (e.g. a YouTube-clip), you want to place it in the "Body Code"-field.
  • If the code is not supposed to be visible (<meta>-tags etc), it belongs in the "Head Code"-field (the exception here is tracking code for statistics services like Google Analytics or StatCounter which go into the "Body Code"-field).
  • The fields for body load and unload are only used for javascripts. These shall not contain any <script>-tags.

Tip! Quite often, you want to place the code next to text or similar. In such situations you can either insert a table with two cells or use a block like "2 columns". which you can find under "Block" > "Heading and Text". This way, the form or other content in the code relayer can be positioned next to other content.